This is a little story I wrote last night. Figure I'd put it somewhere people can read it.

The beginning was a little boy, saying to the void, that's what MY creator would do. He described the world he lived in. What he said is in this story.

There was once a little ape-boy, who started laughing for no apparent reason. His father asked him what he was doing. The boy said that 'I was thinking what would the world would be like if I could do it the way I wanted. And I figured out that it's already the way I'd do it. That made me happy, so I laughed.' And that's where it all began, and that's where I'd end it.

Then the boy's eyes began to fill with tears, and he shook like he'd been hurt. The father asked what was wrong, and the boy said, 'I thought some more, and it made me sad. Because it meant that I would never get to see it all.' This was the first laugh, and the first sorrow.

That's the story. There's more of it, but I think that's the only part that really needs to be shared, and besides, it feels like there's a lot more I would need to write on it, that I would need to know, if I tried to do all of it. There's something I'd like to put down, though, another thing I thought up. I wrote it in my book as 'This is my promise. I will keep you all alive. And I have a self interest, because everyone, no matter who, can show me something.'