The general term for the beach on the west coast of San Francisco. Ocean Beach extends roughly from the southern border of San Francisco County to Lincoln Park to the north. Nearby notable landmarks include the San Francisco Zoo, Golden Gate Park, Beach Chalet, Cliff House and the former grounds of Playland at the Beach, now an apartment complex. Ocean Beach is not exactly the kind of beach that Gidget and Moondoggie would come to; true to the usual nature of the weather on the west side of SF Ocean Beach is usually overcast and somewhat cold. When you add killer riptides into the mix and signs put up by the city that inform passers-by just how dangerous the water is you end up with a waterfront that is very popular with crazy surfers. It's not as popular as the beaches at Pacifica or Half Moon Bay, both to the south, but it's good enough surfing territory that a number of surfers make their homes near Ocean Beach, including Chris Isaak. Ocean Beach is also the original home of Burning Man.

Because of the wind and the relatively low population density, Ocean Beach is prime territory for kite flying.