The facts presented by Eternal Shroud do not support his conclusion. The Soviet Union was in the process of rotting for several decades under the Communist government. The disintegration of the Communist government was one result of the rot, but it was not its climax. Russia's continuing problems are not a legacy of its recent capitalistic tendencies, but of its past.

Communism has taught the people of the Soviet Union that production doesn't pay, that crime and government connections are the best way to survive. Capitalism doesn't grow in a land where the criminal and the bureaucrat have better odds to survive than the producer, because there is no reason to produce in such a land. Even if Russia went laissez-faire, progress wouldn't be instantaneous due to the lingering psychological effects of socialism. Capitalism isn't magic--it's merely the only cure, and recovering from the disease of Communism will take time.

Incidentally, Russia is not capitalistic. It is still a mixed economy with many communist remnants.