Today I did it. Not a big thing, not revolutionary or anything, but I'm a bit proud of myself.

I took my 21-inch television, carried it to the closet, rolled the power cable and threw a blanket to prevent dust entering the TV. I put the TV away.

Recently, I've started hating TV programmes more than ever. If the television shows only boring, guessable, hurts-my-mind -series', bad Hollywood movies and stupid game shows, it just isn't a media for me. (note: I live in Finland, so these words can also be used as a critique against Finnish TV in general.)

Yes, the procedure was mainly symbolical; I haven't watched the machine even for an hour during the last couple of weeks. But somehow I feel a bit newer, more free person. Don't know why, but I'm quite happy with myself.

Now I spend more time by reading books, writing and listening to music. If that's not life, well, what is?