Slang definitions:

  1. rock, noun: a small chunk of crack cocaine. Usage example: Phil and Mary purchased a twenty dollar rock, which they will smoke later this evening.

  • rock, {rocking, rocks, rocked} verb: (often used with up as in rock up -- to turn powdered cocaine into crack cocaine. Usage example: Joan rocked up the whole eight ball of cocaine, so she could make her rent money this month.
  • rock, noun: a term used to describe a tight poker player. Usage example: John is a rock, because he is a patient player that seldom loses money.
  • rock, noun: short for rock and roll. Usage example: Bill and Sue like to dance to rock music.
  • rock, noun: anything that has attributes of strength and sturdiness, particularly used to describe people. Usage example: In their relationship, Juanita always considered Tyrone to be her rock, since he was always strong and dependable. "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church." -- Gospel of Matthew--New Testament.
  • rock, {rocking, rocks, rocked} verb: proceeding in a favorable or desirable manner. Usage example: John's team just won four games in a row. They really rock!
  • rock, noun: hard stick bright-colored stick candy often peppermint flavored.
  • rock, noun: The curling stone.

  • rock, noun: The cue ball in billiards or pool games. Usage example: Delbert has a hard time with his cue control today. He keeps letting the rock go wild.