A dance studio is a room or area used for teaching or practicing dance. Since dance is typically performed to music some means of music generation or playback is typical, either a piano, a CD player or often a variable speed CD player wired to a several hundred Watt RMS sound system. In European settings the floor of a dance studio is typically varnished wood, preferably slightly sprung. Large mirrors are common, especially in ballet and ballroom dance studios, as these allow the dancers to see how they look and compare themselves to known-good reference models. In more socially oriented dance forms, such as Ceroc or street latin mirrors are rare.

Often a dance studio is multi-purpose, for example the dance studio where I dance ceroc was built as a rugby clubrooms and still functions as a rugby clubrooms two nights a week. We also regularly use a bar as a dance studio which gets old rapidly when drunks join as an excuse to grope the women.