Had to get up early to talk to a visiting lecturer and then attend his seminar. Hidden Markov Models and Viterbi stuff ``based on'' linguistic observation of children. He would have been better to use the term `inspired by' rather ``based on,'' since all the linguists present thought it was a crock (linguistically speaking, of course).

Pretended to work on my Piled Higher Deeper, emphasis on pretended. Sat at my computer and updated full text works in Everything metanode, wrote a dance node and a literary node or two.

Started a new dance class with a friend of mine who needed a dance partner and dropped by my regular Ceroc dance studio with him, as i'm trying to get him interested in dancing. It's not working very well, as he's got very little free time, and dancing requires heaps of practice when you start, especially if you have no confidence.

Now rapidly approaching midnight, need sleep…