Someone's (or more rarely something's) form or rating in the competition to be the ultimate Platonic lover.

While the Catholic Church has taken a strong stand that Platonic love is nonsexual and spiritual, objective truth appears to be that Plato like many Greeks was keen on young women for young men and young men for old men. There is, of course, a paradox here that young men want young women and are wanted by old men, the paradox is resolved by introducing power relationships --- the old men have the power and get their way.

The formula for Platonic Form is typically
PF = ( Ic + Pc + Pv + Pb ) / (agenow - agepuberty)


In short high Platonic Form is achieved by youths on the dawn of their puberty and rapidly declines with time and loss of virginity. Good looks and conversational ability help when all else is lost.

Inanimate objects can also have have Platonic Form, but this is a deeply personal rating based on an individuals unique perversions and current mind altering drugs.