I'm in a GMT+12 timezone, which explains why this write-up appears to be early.

I just had a fight/domestic with my girlfriend jacqui. The core problem is that she won't let me be true to my body clock, she wants me to keep regular ``normal'' hours. She doesn't mind me working late, but objects to me sleeping days, because she doesn't think she'll see anything of me.

What she doesn't understand is that if i'm not true to my body clock then when i'm awake i'm 1/2 asleep and i never get a good nights sleep. If she let me be true to my body clock then i might spend slightly less time with her, but i'd be much more awake for it.

It's a question of quality vs quantity, but i have this sinking feeling that it's the end of the relationship.

What I really want is just a good days sleep.