New Zealand band fronted by Graham Brazier, Dave McArtney and Harry Lyon, three drinking, strumming, singing kiwi blokes. The fact that they're real kiwi blokes is evidenced by the fact that all but one of their album covers feature scantily clad women in suggestive poses.

Their 1977 self titled debut album Hello Sailor had a woman in corset, garters and sailors hat on a bed sitting in a ship cabin. See below for track listing.

Their 1978 Pacifica Amour album showed a head and shoulders shot of a south pacific belle with a heart tattoo on her cheek.

Their 1982 Last Chance to Dance album showed an impossibly proportioned sailor in dress uniform dancing with a tall, thin woman in black (ballroom hold).

Their 1986 Shipshape and Bristol Fashion featured a reclining lass in bra, garters, heels and sailors hat.

Their 1994 The Album was a complete sell out, featuring photos of the band members. I'm not sure, but this probably reflected the fact that most of them had children by this stage so keeping on the right side of the misses was important.

Hello Sailor, self titled debut album from Hello Sailor. Credits: Graham Brazier Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica and Guitar; Dave McArtney Vocals and Guitar; Harry Lyon Vocals and Guitar; Lisle Kinney Bass; Ricky Ball - Drums; John Mitchell Keyboards; Peter Adams art.
  1. Gutter Black
  2. When Your Lights are Out
  3. Hooked
  4. All Around This Town
  5. Blue Lady
  6. Vermillon
  7. Watch Your Back
  8. Big Bump
  9. Latin Lover
  10. Lyin in the Sand