A new reality show by Fox that runs more like a documentary. 14 students at a high school near Chicago were given camcorders to make "video diaries" while two additional camera crews followed the students through their lives. All of this was voluntary, and the students were given pretty free rein. The show seems very well done and the students' diaries tend to be thoughtful and meaningful. Unfortunately the American public didn't buy this real "reality TV" and it has been a ratings failure. It was cancelled after only two episodes were aired.
I would also like to add that unlike "reality" shows like Survivor and Big Brother, American High had at least some air of respectability. It was in essence a long documentary, one that had the potential to teach as well as entertain. It seemed to me that the show could help parents of teenagers to understand some of what their kids were going through. This show was a chance to show people that Dawson's Creek and other such shows didn't even come close to what the inside of an American High school is actually like. Sure, some of these guys were acting for the cameras (Morgan), but most of them seem to use the show as an opportunity to let their feelings on teenage life to be heard, which is what the show's creators wanted.

I am greatly saddened by the absolute lack of faith that Fox put in this show, and that no attempt was made to move it ot a less competative time slot. It appears that Survivor has done more than prove that America is obsessed with the utterly pointless, it has also shown that these networks have truly given up on quality programming.