Um, well, no... that doesn't work at all. If we're under the assumption that government conspiracists (Bill Hicks, for example) are correct in thinking that all business in America, including the entertainment industry, is owned by a dozen or so big-time industrialists, who feed the masses shitty pop music, shittier television programming and shittiest Taco Bell, you as an individual won't do jack shit to undermine the Establishment by not giving them your $.99 for a taco, or giving your $15 to a local songwriter rather than a vendor of corporate whore music. Sure, you might be helping yourself to live a longer, arguably more fulfilling life by not falling in with the largest set of drones, but even if you got everyone in, oh, say, your state to boycott all fast food products and all popular musicians, you wouldn't make a dent in their foundations (unless, of course, you live in California... but that's beyond ridiculous).

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