The theme of today is irresponsibility.

First, I have to say that I finally got a chance to cross another item off my mini list of things to do. I finally drove to work through the city, only because I woke up in the middle of it out of drunken stupor on Wednesday morning. In fact, I've literally spent more time driving myself through the city in the last few weeks than the entire four years prior to that.

Long story short: Between someone providing the alcohol for a pre-drink and someone else hooking me up my fair share of a two big-ass bottles of cherry flavored beer last night, I wound up plastered to the floor of a local pub by half past midnight.

Which is all fine and good. I know how to find the Jones Falls Expressway from where I was, and Wal Mart is right across the street from work so I just bought a set of new work clothes so I wouldn't get fired today.

All in all, nobody got hurt, and the worst harm done was the pounding migrane from this morning and my friend having to escort my very attractive passengers back home across the city. Oh yeah, and maybe a little liver damage, but I've done worse. I think I may have lost some karma with one friend for crashing out on the couch without having any other plans for what to do with myself. Hopefully she won't think less of me for too long. In fact it looks like we're already back on the level.

I also spent most of the morning without my my toys, and spent a good two hours driving around town on an extended lunch break getting my stuff and reclaiming some of the karma I lost in the course of my indiscretions. But I got a good meal and the company of a lovely lady in the process, so that all evens out.

On the positive side, last night did smack me over the head and take the urge to be a fuckhead out of me for a while. This weekend I'm going to do my taxes, clean my dishes, wash my laundry, sweep my floors, then sit down in my easy chair with a cup of tea and watch the FOX channel with an empty stare until I get up, brush my teeth and fall asleep in my own bed for a change.

I also came to terms with some things I've been dealing with lately, and I think I've finally sorted it out.

A few weeks ago, I felt more alive than ever before. Now I went and burned it all away again. If you think this is lame, eh, whatever.... but somehow the story of this latest life change just belongs here.