I enjoy a good book of magic too. Abra Melin is a good read.I should go retrieve my copy from my library but won't. The three parts are fairly balanced in information.Instructions to Lamech to increase his occult prowessness are very strenuous at times.Example no afternoon napsare allowed while preparing for a conjuration.Restriction of activities not conducive of holiness is placed very near the top, along with anAdmonition to immerse yourself in the study of the Bible The supernatural names in the book could easily be converted to a software program for astrology. If one knows the basic correspondances for the each Hebrewletter, you simply check for the geometrical alliances present in any horoscope.Many Angels or Demons in the book are simple adjectives with "al" or "iel" attached to the end denoting it has its sources from God.If the word is present in the chart, the kind of aspect, again Geometry would tell if the attribute is favorable or not.