Class warfare is an concept based on the fallacious idea that economics is a zero-sum game, i.e. if I am richer, you must be poorer. Class warfare rhetoric is primarily used by the Democratic party to scare their constituency into thinking that the rich are out to get them. It is also used to justify any number of wealth-redistribution schemes and entitlement programs, in which wealth is confiscated from people with high incomes and distributed to people with low or no income. We are very near to the point at which more than 50% of the U.S. electorate pays no income tax, and is totally dependent on the government for all of their needs.

It has been said, in reference to democracies, that once the electorate figures out that they can vote themselves cash out of the treasury, the decline of that nation is assured. I believe this was originally opined in regard to the ancient Greek city-state of Athens.