The server has been down all morning. Everything that I do here requires the server to be up.

The last time the sever went down, the hard drive self-destructed. It took three weeks to put everything back together again. Before the crash, I had almost brought a very back-logged account up to date, only to have all that work neatly whisked away in a little puff of smoke. Oddly enough, I find myself in a very similar situation right now. I conclude that there is some accounting god that is very pissed with me.

Instead, I've spent all morning wasting time. Watching Janne Laukkanen's bounce from the Penguins to the Rangers to the Lightning just before the trade deadline. Taking the elevator between floors just to move some paperwork from one person's desk to another. Sorting mail from other offices because they can't seem to open and dispose of the envelope at the same time.

Email just in. They're waiting for a new part before they can bring the server back up. I hope to god that part isn't a new hard drive.