Today is moving day.

The office that I work in has been undergoing renovations over the last four months. They've been tearing up carpet and slapping up paint with abandon (not to mention getting people really high). The original space that I was working in when I joined the company was completely demolished during the renovations, so I've been working in a space the other employees call "the ghetto." It is a floor below the main nucleus of the company, comprised mostly the fringe employees. And, oh yeah, the entire accounting department.

But the company has decided to rewarded us for working in storage closets the last four months. Today, we began moving all our precious belongings into new perma-cubicles on a newly opened part of the floor.

Now, I realize that I am a really big dork for droning on and on about a little desk and a coat hook, but you have to appreciate my position. My job previous to this involved selling pokemAn cards to screaming children at the mall. The fact that I get to sit down all day and drink coffee is quite the change of pace. Now, I'm getting a new place that, somewhere in my diluted little mind, has been built for me and me alone. I can spin around in my office chair (not Herman Miller, but very nice) with my arms out and not hit three other people. I've got three walls (granted, they're only seven feet tall, but it's three walls). Morale is high. Very high.

I think that next Monday might be the first time I've ever been excited to go to work. And if that involves me being a dork, so be it.