The company christmas party.

I've been temping at this advertising agency for a while now. What was supposed to be a two-month assignment has stretched itself into almost a year now, with only a quiet mumble among the other workers that there might be a more permanent position. I don't mind the job at all, as it certainly beats being on the dole, scraping a living out of the change in my couch.

The first few months that I was there, I kept pretty strictly over my keyboard, hammering out my mindlessly repetitive work. After realizing that my work wasn't nearly that important, I started playing the internet with abandon, and talking to the guy who sits in the other part of our pesudo-office. And I have met some other people who work there, but they're usually not too far away from the confines of my desk.

Since the christmas party started with a speech from the CEO of the agency, attendance was an unspoken kind of mandatory. I wasn't exactly too hyped about going, but the idea of being paid for an hour or two of listening to a presentation and then a drink or two wasn't exactly against my moral character either. And, it wasn't really that bad, considering I was surrounded by a ton of people that I had no idea existed, yet work no more than a few seconds walk where I spend eight hours out of every business day.

Much to my surprise, I received a christmas bonus, even though I'm technically not an employee. It wasn't exactly a flood of money, but it's good to feel appreciated. I had really thought that my participation in the office went pretty much unnoticed by those that hand out wads of cash, but I was mistaken. It's good to know that, somewhere in the maze of musty air and paperwork, that someone recognizes that I've been putting forward slightly more effort than an average temp.

I ducked out pretty early considering it was an office chistmas party. I'm certainly missing out on the traditional hijinx, but I'm not really getting worked up over that idea. I'll certainly hear all about every second of personal embarrassment over the next few days. And, it is my responsibility as a newlywed to duck out early.

Now, if they would just hire me in already...