SmokeyBarnable's assertion can be best understood as implicitly using the following analogy:

If an irrational number is not normal1, then every possible sequence of numerals appears in its infinite decimal expansion.

And so if the universe could be considered infinitely not normal, then it would indeed contain an infinite number of different proctologists. However, we have no reason to believe this of the nature of the universe's infinity (if such is the case). It may be that the universe is a tesselation (either in space or time), or even it just contains you or an infinite number of bananas is true.

However, if this is the case then by Kolmogorov Complexity the universe is compressible. In fact, if determinism is true then the description of the universe can be compressed to a description of Cosmic Egg at the Big Bang. I'm not sure what the metaphysical consequence of that is, other than:

Either the universe is not normal and infinite, or it is finite, or you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

1: I will leave the discussion of whether this is the case to Gorgonzola and ariels.