In the past when I've asked in the Chatterbox about noding recipes I've been told that there is less worth in noding recipes I got from a book or the Net compared to recipes I made myself. On such occasions I am often given sensei as an example of someone who posts excellent recipe nodes (see Another Metanode of Recipes and Other Food Associated Topics by sensei). Those well-meaning advisors assure me that sensei's recipes are far removed from those simply copied out of books.

I accepted this. Until today.

I read sensei's informative node on seitan. I wanted to see a picture of this crazy stuff. So I did a Google search and discovered something horrific -- sensei's receipe is plagiarised from:

Nussinow, Jill. "Seitan -- The Vegetarian White Meat." The Vegetarian Journal. March/April, 1996.

(See for yourself:

So why am I Daylogging this? It's not that I want to criticise sensei, I find his cooking nodes very interesting. Perhaps as a warning that even the greatest can make mistakes and we must be constantly wary of plagiarism. More likely it's just something I don't see very often and I need to document it so I'll remember it tomorrow morning. :)