Well, Democracy needs a few essential ingredients: Namely, A) Education, B) Free Speach C) Equal Discussion by Sides about Issues D) Time Education is probably the most important part, and probably the one most lacking every where. Education about the government, ethics, money, and everything. But, most public education doesn't talk about anything beyond the base level, so only a few become free thinking individuals, and instead become part of the mob, which is in turn controlled by a few elite. And, as we all know, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Besides, giving everyone equel power is the point of democracy right? Rather than feudalism. Second, is Free Speech, a mixed blessing. Good ideas and bad alike float around, and people don't have enough time to digest it all, because self-government is no longer a high priority in the western mind frame. Which brings me to my last to points (the class gives a sigh of relief). Democracy needs equel time given to all valid viewpoints and at least some consideration of all views, even if they are different or alien to you. But you need time to have all this, so we must do as the Athenians did and make government important and integral part of our everyday lives. If we don't, democracy is already dead.