I just found out today that my ex-best friend is finally out of drug rehab. It's odd, how much people change, how our paths diverge. Damn, every weekend in first through fourth grade, we went over to each other's house, we acted out "Super Mario Brother's" together, (sniff sniff), he was always Luigi and I was Princess Toadstool or Mario. (Don't ask) His parents were divorced, and his mom worked. A lot. So we usually went over there and played with the neighborhood kids. Well, the neighborhood, as cheap deveolopments usually do, went downhill fast, and soon Ben started to smoke. In fourth grade. He started becoming a tough guy. I tried to keep up, but our worlds were already to far apart.

At the time, I was, to put it lightly, conservative. He left me duringa game of hide and go seek when I went over to his house, and I ended up alone and confused. A week later, in Physical Education (how come so many of our worst memories come from that class?), when I went over to him to ask if he wanted to spend the night at my place, he just said, "Get out of here, queer." In front of everyone. Just like that... I was alone again... frightened... oops, I can't find my best friend.