Gladiator Movie Review: Summary: A general (Russell Crowe) becomes the rightful heir to the Roman Empire, but must flee when the Caesar's evil son tries to kill him. Maximus, (the general), is soon taken as a slave and made a gladiator(suprising, huh?). He vows to destroy the emporer and keep his promise to the old Caesar and restore the Senate. The rest you'll have to watch.

+'s: Great Battle Scenes, a bit over the top with blood and gore, but if thats your thing, you'll love it. Also, it has one of the most impressive shots of Ancient Rome I have ever seen, obviously done in 3-D, complete with, you guessed it, the coliseum. You can tell it ain't real, but still fun. Again, if you go, go for the fights. Another high point, though, is the flavor of the movie. If you know a little Roman history and culture, much more enjoyable.

-'s: Entirely fabricated plot.In fact, my main complaint deals with the plot. Although it was heralded as a return to the old days of giant casts etc. the plot didn't curve like it did in those days (to see what I mean, read a Shakespeare play, he was the master of that). Instead, it is one monotonous stream of occurences. Theirs no buildup or slow drop off.

Final Evaluation: 3.5 out of 5. Good, if your into something simple and violent.