An expansion-pack for Bioware Corporation's D&D RPG Hit.

It's supposed to have 40 hours of gameplay (most games have about 10-20, but BG2 had between 150 and 400, depending on how many side-quests you did). Additions include:

  • A new "Wild Mage" Class: You're a wizard that just shoots out magic semi-randomly. Very cool. Very Dangerous.
  • An "Add-on" section (the final chapters of the Child of Bhaal saga, you get to play them once you've beat the game) and an "add-in" section (The Watcher's Keep, you can play it anytime)
  • A HUGE Dungeon called "The Watcher's Keep" that can be accessed before and after winning the original game.
  • The final part of the Child of Bhaal Saga.
  • You get to have a citadel in the abyss
  • Towards the end of the game, you have near-godlike powers.
  • Extremely cool plot (I assume... but Bioware always has cool plots)
  • New Monsters
  • New Dragons (harder ones)
  • The ability to get "powers"... Like summoning angels to do your bidding.
  • And much, much, more
  • There's more information on Bioware's website: