UPDATE 8/21/2001 - Squaresoft forgot the golden rule: design. If you're going to embark on a project that takes three years to complete, a project that resists change intrinsicly, spend more than five fucking minutes beforehand throwing together such a half-ass script. Fuck you, Square. Fuck you up your stupid ass.

UPDATE 7/16/2001 - Well, I probably won't be catching the movie until the end of summer because I'm in the middle of nowhere. Read the lower writeups for reviews, and beware of unlabelled spoilers.

UPDATE 5/16/2001 - Just watched the third trailer. Wow, looking good.

UPDATE 3/29/2001 - A more impressive second trailer is now available. I saw it at Ain't It Cool News, but by the time you read this it should be up at the official website.

UPDATE 3/28/2001 - The website has been revamped and a new (and somewhat better) plot summary has been written.

Full name of the upcoming Final Fantasy movie. Will it be any good? And if it is good, will it be accepted by the masses? Or will all the word-of-mouth hype make it fall flat on its face? Maybe it will plain be really, really bad. Well, we should know July, 2001, since that is the projected release date.

The latest trailer (as of November 14, 2000) is very impressive, with realistic-looking characters that will only improve until the film is released. This is probably the determining factor of the success of the movie. If Squaresoft can get the characters' movements and the talking down, everyone will love it just because it looks so neat. If they can get a relatively worthwhile story that doesn't choke on its own melodrama, that's icing on the cake.

Character names and actors:

From http://www.finalfantasy.com, the movie website:

The year is 2065 and Earth is under siege. A meteor has crashed onto the planet, unleashing millions of alien creatures which roam the Earth. Decimating field and city alike, these predators are threatening to extinguish all life on the planet. {Count: Earth - 2, planet - 2, globe - 0}

The survivors of the initial onslaught have retreated to barrier cities built to protect the inhabitants of Earth from the marauding invaders. But the few cities around the globe are in decline{,} and time is running out. {Count: Earth - 3, planet - 2, globe - 1}

Yet, the sprit of humankind is resilient and embodied in the brilliant and beautiful Dr. Aki Ross. Determined and capable, Aki strives as Earth's last hope against extinction. {Count: Earth - 4, planet - 2, globe - 1}

With the guidance of her scientific mentor, Dr. Sid, and the aid of the Deep Eyes military squadron led by the courageous Captain Gray Edwards, Aki races to save both the Earth and herself. {Count: Earth - 5, planet - 2, globe - 1}

Terminally infected by an alien, Aki holds the key to discovering the secret to defeating the alien predators. But her quest is jeopardized by the militant opposition of General Hein, who plots to unleash a massive space cannon that will annihilate the aliens and possibly the Earth. {Count: Earth - 6, planet - 2, globe - 1 (and alien - 3)}

As the clock ticks down, Aki searches within her dreams to find an answer to the alien mystery, while scouring the Earth to collect the eight spirit waves she believes will save the planet. {Count: Earth - 7, planet - 3, globe - 1)

Fighting both the enemy within and the scheming General Hein, who would destroy the Earth in order to save it, Aki valiantly pursues her Final Fantasy. {Final Count: Earth - 8, planet - 3, globe - 1}

And, thanks to the many synonyms for "Earth", a story synopsis is written.

The old (awful) plot summary:

Set on Earth in the year 2065, destruction and confusion surround us. Cities are deserted, the population decimated, and the precious few humans who remain must find a way to survive.

In this world, we face death as we part with our loved ones {whatever}. We begin to question what "life" and "love" is {are!}, and what is the philosophical definition of the "heart" {what the hell!?}. After all in this world, science has analyzed life and death, expressing life as a form of energy {could this be any more awkward?}.

Beyond the riveting battle scenes, Final Fantasy will take you on a journey of personal discovery into both the real and fantasy worlds, drawing you deep into its characterizations and themes: love, friendship, dreams, adventure, life and death {this is so incredibly sappy that it saddens me}.

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I want this to work. I really do.