So I woke up this morning to go work at the local nature center, and my mom tells me I should call back the center and tell them I'm not coming.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because it's snowing".

So I stick my head through the blinds to discover that, lo and behold, there is roughly an inch (2.54 CM) of snow on the grass of my yard. Nothing is sticking to any concrete, no ice anywhere.

I understand that she was just trying to watch out for me or whatever, but jesus christ! If I'm going to drive on my lawn I'll be careful, ok mother? I won't go my normal 20 MPH over the speed limit just for you!

The biggest problem with snow in Atlanta/anywhere below the mason-dixon line is that a lot of the people here just can't function in ice and snow. There was roughly 3in of precipitation all day, and the entire city shut down.

I'm sorry that you can't drive your normal 75-85 MPH on the highway, I really am. Because that means my usual speed of 80-90 is lower as well. But when I drive to the gas station 5 lights down the road and see two separate accidents, I think you ought not drive so fast. Enjoy the scenery, take a walk, take marta.

A little snow-driving advice from an ex-northerner:

Steer into the skid, lightly pump the brake, and continue home. Once there, get your shotgun, (you DO live in GA!) and fire two rounds through your front tires. walk.

Too bad there's not enough snow for my snowmobile....sigh