A young woman friend of mine has Multiple Sclerosis. She has know for six months, in which her physical condition has gotten weaker and sicker. I lost touch with her over Christmas break, and I now want to be there for her, when she apparently needs support the most.

Mutual friends fear she won't make it to the summer, I fear the same. She used to go to a private Catholic high school, and she has been forced to drop out because she can not handle the full day. She is in a wheelchair, she cries all the time.

I am infinitely sorry for letting our relationship slip, I am sorry I let her go out of my life, when I needed her, and now I am not there when she needs people the most.

I called her yesterday, It confirmed my worst fears. She is losing the personality that I know her as. She sounds feeble. I have decided that this has gone on long enough. I am forcing myself back into her life, I can not be on the sidelines for this.