Something just re-entered my mind.

Last saturday, I went with a few friends of mine to one of their apartments. After a while, we started smoking some rather terrible quality marijuana, "finest mexican shit" as one of them put it.

Anyways, after a while, as will happen when one smokes, we got quite hungry. Unfortunately we steered ourselves to McDonalds. I guess when you're stoned any food will do.

After we had finished eating, we started a rather inane question with the staff, which was interrupted by my friend chris* exclaiming;

"What The Fuck?"


I turned to see a vinyl cling type sign that said, to my chagrin;

"Don't get a job, get a career. McDONALDS."


Laughter ensued

Chris ended up stealing the sign, which now rests in his car.

Name changed to protect the incredibly guilty.