Fire and Ice is a popular drinking game among my friends.


One deck of cards

A metric fuckload of beer, or a smaller amount of hard liquor.


Spread the deck of cards out face down on the floor, or table. (I suggest the floor because I have seen people hurt themselves rather badly in late rounds of said game by slipping on pointy corners and such.)

Hopefully your group of drinkers has made a circle around the table by this time. Assign a starting person, and proceed counter-clockwise thereafter (no, it really doesn't matter).

The first person calls either fire, or ice. Fire is a red card, Ice is black. The person then proceeds to pick up a card and turn it over. If the card turned over is not the color he called, then they have to drink. And there was much rejoicing. The number of the card dictates how much that person drinks. Number cards dictate that many seconds of drinking (chugging). Face cards are ten seconds, and an ace is an entire beer. The rules are different for liquor drinkers, just a shot per wrong card.

Disclaimer Alert

I have seen poor unlucky bastards drink upwords of seven (7) in as short as twenty minutes of play. Please use your own discretion in playing this game

Happy Hangover!