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•       not a lawyer nor play one on TV

 •       am an old school hacker and “Open Sourcerer” with more than 30 years of free and open source system development experience.

•       has held most every position in the computer field from operator, programmer, designer to VP of Eng and CTO and startup founder

•       first encountered the early editions of UNIX while @ university student, writing a variety of device drivers, kernel enhancements, and microprocessor support tools for the early 4- and 8-bit CPUs

•       has been designing and developing Operating Systems and Technical Computing Systems ever since

•       currently leads an international team of engineers in multiple time zones developing super computers and associated technologies

•       degrees in EE, Math & CS from CMU and UCB, with the usual multi-page list of publications and talks to his credit

•       helped to write one of the original TCP/IP implementations in the late 1970’s

 •       is also known as one of the authors of the precursor to IM, the UNIX talk program, as well as other more humorous and notorious hacks

•       is honored to be the past President of the USENIX Association