I was driving over to St. Thomas Aquinas church on Abrams for some class or another, parked my car and walked to the doors. Before I got there though, my attention was caught by a dog wearing glasses. With the dog was an old man, a younger, rather attractive man named Bob, and a young woman who I assumed was Bob's girlfriend, and was mildly jealous, as females tend to get.

The three of them were trying to figure out what was wrong with the dog, and after much discussion, realized that the dog's glasses were the wrong prescription. So the old man tried his glasses on the dog (who I found out by looking at his tag that his name was Sam)--I wasn't really sure how he would find out if the glasses were right or not. The old man said these were not good for the dog and took them back.

So I let the dog try my old glasses, because I'd just gotten a new pair. As soon as the dog put them on, I saw the world like I was wearing way-too-strong glasses. So this is how he figured the glasses didn't work for Sam! I was sad that I couldn't help him.

Somewhere in this dream, a little girl came along while we were trying out our glasses on Sam. All she did was come over and pet the dog, and even though it didn't help him too much, it did seem to make him happy. So after we'd tried out our glasses, I joined her in petting him... then realized I'd missed the class that I had come to attend, and it was time to go. She was upset and wanted me to stay, but I knew I could not stay there forever, nor could I return on a regular basis. So she gets in an English-style taxi to go home, and I go over to my car to leave... but it is blocked in by a navy blue Suburban, and I had no idea who it belonged to, so I couldn't leave.

..end due to my alarm going off...