Woke up late again today...

Every once in a while I look at myself from the point of view of an outsider, and see how I could be considered a very strange person. Here I am at work, barefoot, wearing a seagrass baseball cap over my wash-and-wear hair, alternating between writing French quizzes and reading messageboards on an ultra-conservative politics site, all while listening to music by Wendy Rule, a Wiccan artist (if there is such a thing). Welcome to the world of the walking contradiction.

At work, where I will be until Monday. I didn't expect my last day to come so soon... planned on working through July. We found out today that they don't have the money to pay student workers, so off I go to find another part-time thing that will pay me $9.00 or more an hour and let me leave after 10 weeks so I can start my real job on July 16. I've been here for three years, and I think I should be sad that I'm leaving, and so suddenly, but I'm not. I think I'm just on survival mode until graduation. Or maybe, I've forgotten how to feel altogether.

"Are you excited to be graduating?" Not really.

"Aren't you sad that your friends are leaving?" No.

"Work all summer? Don't you want to travel, to see the world?" Not particularly, and even if I did, I couldn't afford it.

Oh well. Time to return to life outside myself. Java test on Thursday desperately needs studying for. And I have to be at Allison's activation tonight, as I'm part of my fraternity's ritual team. And perhaps I'll sleep early tonight and get up in time to actually shave my legs tomorrow morning.