First dream of the night

I was in a house I didn't recognize, with people I didn't know but in the dream I seemed to be familiar with both. I believe some sort of fight or violence broke out among the people there, and I managed to step on a very sharp, big knife located on the kitchen floor. I believe I said "shit" or something along the those lines as blood started pouring out of my foot. The knife point was actually facing up from the floor and penetrated my foot like a spike. I didn't initially consider it a huge deal however.

The parents or owners of the house came down the stairs and said I better get some medical attention real fast or I would surely die. This is when the panic set in. I started stumbling around the house, and this is when I distinctly remember physically unpleasant feelings.

  1. My heart was beating so fast and furiously as if it was going to burst (panic attack type symptom)
  2. I felt adrenaline rush through me from head to toe.
  3. I felt like I just downed an entire 5th of vodka, and it just took effect.

I honestly thought I was dying. The medic guy, who I think came to the house started panicking himself and yelled out some commands to somebody. I think I slammed into the wall and tried to tell him the end felt near, but I could only mutter. It felt like I was incapable of breathing, as If I was punched in the gut. I basically forget the rest of this one. All the feelings were very intense and I woke up out of this dream feeling pretty unnerved.

Other dreams of the night

I had two other random dreams which shared a sexual theme. I was with one girl who I sort of dated last year and have hung out with a bit this year who looked absolutely beautiful in the dream. I can only remember that staring at her eyes brought strong feelings of love and desire. The other dream was some girl I have never met in real life who basically jumped on top of me on a couch, started messing around with me, and stopped. She whispered things in my ear that basically taunted me. She appeared real slutty, confident, and easy, but we didn't have sex. Talk about being sexually frustrated lately...