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I was born in the 50s in rural Washington State.

I spent the 60s in grade school in Oregon.

In the 70s I worked with the Teen Corps, worked on the presidential campaign of George McGovern, graduated from high school, moved to Minnesota where i lived in an intentional community called Wolf Lake Refuge.

Throughout the 80s I worked in the peace and social justice movement in the Twin Cities, first as a coordinator for The Honeywell Project, a group that directed a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience against Honeywell, the largest military contractor in the state. In 1985 I joined the International March for Peace in Central America. Around the same time I joined the Pledge of Resistance. In 1988 I worked on an APSNICA brigade in Nicaragua, and for a short while with Tecnica in Managua. Then back to the Twin Cities, where I worked with a coalition of movement groups on a successful campaign to force the city of Minneapolis to fire its public relations firm, O'Connor & Hannan , because that firm was representing the neo-fascist, death squad ARENA party in El Salvador.

With the Gulf War, the 1990s saw the virtual collapse of the peace movement, at least for a while. Refugees from the Pledge of Resistance formed (with other people) the St Paul Ciudad Romero Sister City Project, and I found myself back in Central America. At the very end of the decade I moved home, back to Oregon.

Presently I work at FREE GEEK in a little office (that doubles as a closet for all the volunteers), right next to ideath. Acapnotic volunteers for us by writing testing software, and I'm sure there's a buncha other open and closeted noders at FREE GEEK.