Car Free cities are popular in Europe (i.e. Venice), and slowly to be introduced in North America. People should opt for a car free lifestyle, many crises around the world would be resolved. "Car free cities must become the norm by the end of the 21st Century, due to energy constraints." Topology of a Car Free city is important: Effective metro routes, walkways to daily resources is vital to the success for such a city. The use of the internet and working locally also play important roles to eliminate the need to travel to work.

'What sort of a transportation system d'you call this? The more popular it is the slower it goes! What genius worked this out?!'
'Well it's inevitable isn't it?' Nettie found herself being surprisingly defensive of her planet's right to have traffic jams.
'Of course it isn't!' exploded The Journalist. 'You have to devise a system that goes faster the more popular it is, so it can cope! It's perfectly obvious!'
-- Douglas Adams' Star Ship Titanic

By creating bypasses for cars, we are destroying the fabric of the world! Traffic jams, noise pollution, air pollution, destroys landscapes, exacerbates global warming, waste of energy, deadly accidents, and the list goes on. Cars are Evil.

Roughly two billion people use about 1/2 billion automobiles in the world. The other four billion inhabitants of the planet seem eager to imitate the american lifesyle. With todays gasoline prices, the increase of cars will simply worson the situaion.

Studies have shown very clearly that as automobile traffic on a street increases, social life on the street dies. The noise, danger, and pollution slowly drive people from the street. Every year in America, more than 40,000 people are killed in automobile accidents. (source: