At even day lunches at my high school there is a kid who, apparently the entire year, although I first noticed him today, spends the entire lunch pacing around the cafeteria.
A sophomore in math/sci. Those magnet school kids are all a bit on the kooky side.

My first experience with the pacer was March 14, 2000, and it strikes a particular twang with me as I'm already sick of high school kids throwing shit at lunch like five year olds.

My friend pointed him out at lunch today. I watched him. People are very interesting to watch. I even commented on this to my friends as the pacer hit one end of the cafeteria and did a full 180. As he turned the first corner and made his way down the longer side of the cafeteria my friend tried to prod me gently about staring at the EDLG.
"No", I said, "Im looking at him" ::nods at the pacer::
By this time the pacer was nearing the halfway point of his walk alongside the cafeteria. Which is where we sit, in the middle lengthwise, and all the way to one side.
My friend turned inconspiciously and watched him walk past.
Except he didn't walk past.
He made quite a sudden turn almost directly in line with my friend and I.
An orange ripped through the air he would otherwise have occupied. It hit the cafeteria floor with a loud smack. The pacer's quick pace had already taken him half the distance back across the cafeteria.
I hate those kids throwing shit at lunch like five year olds. And this really got to me as I, being a geek, identify with the pacer.

Not to mention the sheer oddity of his apparently psychic avoidance of that high-speed orange.

And this all happened to happen the first time I ever noticed him; I was watching the precise moment it happened.