I'm a little annoyed at the blithering morons trying to portray America as a primitive society where everyone runs around shooting each other.

We DO have gun control. Ever hear of the Brady Bill, among others?
You must get a permit for most uses of guns, for instance concealed carry, in the few states where concealed carry is even legal for private citizens.

The Problem with America Today, and there are many of them, is certainly not that we are a free people.
A huge problem is that there are increasing numbers of lazy bums who would rather lose their civil rights than actively think about and protect them.

As for the "If we outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns", some people mocking that phrase don't seem to understand it. It means that someone who is planning a mass murder, hell, any murder, isn't going to feel too bad about illegally owning a gun. Even with the extent that guns are legal in the US a large number of criminals own unregistered illegally obtained guns. So who would you be stopping by gun control legislation? Only the legitimate owners.