I found this comment interesting: "IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING SHITTY AMERICAN CARTOON THAT'S TRYING TO JUMP ON THE ANIME BANDWAGON!" Why? Because it basically is. The japanese cartoons are much different. Blood, murder, bad words. If you see Goku drinking some "health drink" or something in the Americanized cartoon, chances are it was beer in the original.
They basically took a show for the general population, and edited out a crapload of it to make it a kid's show.
I found a web site once which had basically a list of every difference between the japanese and american versions. There were a lot of minor modifications: blood removed, "the next dimension" instead of letting anyone frickin' DIE, beer becomes soda, etc. There were also large portions simply removed so the show would fit the different time schedule.

On another note, I find the cartoon fairly boring. A million episodes "preparing" for the big fight, then a million episodes "powering up" during the big fight. When stuff happens, it's cool. But that's unfortunately rare.

I do, however, enjoy the original Dragonball. The americanized comic book seems to be totally uncensored, as it has a lot of perverted jokes. The characters are good, stuff actually happens, and it's funny.

Do not rent the American movie "Dragonball". I hear it's Americanized even worse than the Dragonball Z kid's show.