I'm a half-assed vegetarian, but I don't claim to be a vegetarian. I'm sometimes mistaken for one; I eat fake hamburgers, fake chicken, veggie subs, even fake corndogs. But I also eat meat. I just tend not to. Even try not to.

Just like the feminist cause has suffered from feminazis*, vegetarianism suffers from militant vegan fuckers(veganazis?). It doesn't suffer from people being vegans, just from the pushy, confrontational, guilt-inducing jerks. Education is good, insulting people isn't. It would be better for the entire world to drop to one or two meat-meals a week than to have one one-thousandth of the world become strict vegans. At the very least it's far easier, and more practical.
Because it's gradual. Suggest vegetarians meals. Show your friends that there's good food without meat. Educate them about the health benefits for themselves, the health benefits for the animals, the cost benefit, whatever. Demand for vegetarian-friendly products will increase. Eating less meat gets easier. Being strictly vegetarian gets easier, maybe even accidental. Companies go out of their way to develop new meatless products. Maybe even eventually, after a century or two, the human population becomes virtually herbivorous.

Right now there's just a straight split. You're either vegan, or you're nothing. If you eat meat once vegetarians insult and accuse you of not living up to their perfect standards. Yeah, way to alienate an ally. That's the way to accomplish your animal-friendly agenda.
There is no word for people who "try" to not eat meat. No word for "rarely eats meat".
I got here almost accidentally. I like animals, I don't like meat. At some point I realized I hadn't eaten meat for several weeks, and thought I'd become a vegetarian. But there are meals I like more than I like being part of the Sacred Order of Vegetarians. I'm a half-assed vegatarian. There's nothing wrong with that. And I'm still on their side, even if I'm not a "real" vegetarian.