An awesome 3D figher for the Sega Saturn. First Yu Suzuki wowed us with Virtua Fighter 1-3, both in the arcade and on the console. Then Fighting Vipers did the same. Then us lucky Saturn owners got this console game from the AM2 team. Its a combination of Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, and much MUCH more.

It has every character from both games, plus ten hidden characters who are unlocked as you fight through the single player game.

Did I mention how damn funny the hidden characters are? Panda-chan is a bear, sort of. More like a person in a fruity amusement park cartoon bear suit, with no joints whatsoever. A couple hidden characters are big-headed youth versions of Virtua Fighter characters. Janet is the cop from Virtua Cop, and she even gets to use her gun during fighting(awww yeah). You can play as the race car from Daytona USA; It stands on its hind wheels and punches with its front wheels, I cracked up first time I saw it.
Oh, did I mention the Palm Tree or Meatloaf characters? Maybe its better I didn't..

The game includes tradition single player, with eight tiers of 7 players each to fight through, VS mode, Survival Mode(kill as many opponents as you can in a limited time), Team Battle Mode(you and your opponent each get eight character choices, tag teaming your next choice in when each character dies), and an original Training Mode.

Training Mode lets you play as any of the 32 characters against a dummy. It contains a list of moves for each character, and shows one move on the screen at a time. When you succesfully complete that move it puts a check next to it and moves to the next move. You can also manually select which move you want to try, or just browse through the moves to see what you can do.

Not only are the hidden characters revealed through playing the game, so are a multitude of fun options.
Soon after you start playing an Extra Options choice becomes available from the options menu. A book keep option from there keeps track of hours played, number of times powered on, number of games played, No.1 player used, courses cleared, and number of characters for which you have completed all moves in Training Mode.
As you increase these records more options become available at the Extra Options menu. Until they are revelaed they are represented by ?????. Ill list those and who to get them at the Fighters Megamix: Extra Options node.

A special node just for Fighters Megamix: other secrets.

I just bought this game used for 15$, before that I had rented it every other weekend for a whole summer from Blockbuster because I couldn't find it for sale. If you have a Saturn, get this game! If you don't have a Saturn, you can get one cheap and get this game!

Check Yu Suzuki, AM2, Sega Saturn for more of the awesome first party games available on the Saturn.