I sat in a computer lab at the college here the other day, in my own happy world of PHP programming when a girl I know a little bit came in.

"Hullo!" I said, she smiled and nodded as in "Nice to see you!" (She's the girl in Girls don't take interest in me except when I show them nifty Unix stuff)

As she walked by, she tickled my neck in a playful, gentle way.

I sat in Deep Hack Mode, trying to concentrate on my project, but was kind of confused by the tickle. Now, I'm not a person used to being touched or tickled, certainly not by an attractive girl, and even less used to talk about incidents like that.

I went home and decided to get an answer to the question "Why did you tickle me?". As far as I know, she's got a boyfriend, so why touch me that way?

Being the geek I am, I sent a Short Message:

Me -> Heidi -- 18:35:
Hi there! Just wanted to say "Have a nice weekend :-)" By the way -- did you tickle my neck earlier today...?

Notice the gentle way of introducing the subject ;-) Just making sure she really did it!

Heidi ->, me -- 18:37:
Yes... did it hurt?

Hmmm... okay, she did it on purpose.

Me -> Heidi -- 18:40
No no! I enjoyed it. Just felt a little strange though. With a little practice, I might even get used to it ;-)

Heidi -> me -- 19:42
Hehehe... Good thing you could get used to it. I think it's wonderful...! Have a nice evening! Hugs

Errr... is this just another one of (what I think is) is your games?

If you really have a boyfriend, why touch me that way? That's flirting, isn't it?

I need a girlfriend!


I'm doing a little bit of military service right now and haven't been able to node for a while. Well, here's the deal:

Heidi is, as far as I know, still seeing this other guy. Daniel or something. We have a little contact now and then, but I guess I'll never really see her again.

This is a reply to a couple of questions about Heidi and this node.

Thanks... :-)