Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

A Call To Arms, the first EP of BOTAR is, of all the ska cds I've heard recently (I'm fairly new to ska, so my opinion means relatively nothing, but all the same) is arguably the best. I've been a fan of Catch 22 since I first heard them, I like Planet Smashers, Reel Big Fish, hell, most anything I've gotten my hands on I've enjoyed thoroughly. However, since a friend gave me a copy of A Call To Arms, I'm addicted to BOTAR, and needless to say, I'm praying for the release of an LP. Their sound is something completely new to my green ska ears, and despite that, or perhaps because of that, I find their small EP more enjoyable to listen to than any Catch 22, RBF, Planet Smashers, or Mighty Mighty Bosstones full length LP.

From what I hear, Thomas Kalnoky (lead vocals) seems to have a full plate at the moment, but who knows what the future may bring. Hopefully he'll have enough spare time to put out another cd with BOTAR. So, let us hope they decide to grace us with a full cd of kick-ass, acoustic, punk/ska tracks in the near future.