Most of you who are reading this, and do enjoy drinking beer will probably agree with me that bottled beer does taste better than canned beer. That's the reason why I usually drink beer from bottles (or freshly drawn from the tap of course).

However, there are some situations when you want to drink beer but can't get a hold of bottles so you are forced to fall back to canned beer.

A very good although personal example is a camping site of a concert festival. Naturally, glass bottles aren't allowed there, so it's canned beer for three days. Lots of it.

Of course drinking beer in the summer sun with some nice friends and good music definitely means having a good time (at least to me =).

So after that everytime you get a hold of a can of beer I remember such days and suddenly it tastes much better. Actually, canned beer is the best for just that reason.

Is anybody able to come up with some good factual reasons why canned beer shouldn't taste as good as those in glass bottles? I'd be really curious.