A drinking orgy in a little town, in the middle of nowhere in Montana (I know that's saying the same thing twice, but what must be understood is that this is really one of the most isolated spots on the planet). This is considered a very small town, in a state where the sparse population is a defining characteristic (when I visit, the population tops off at 98).

In 1990 we decided to make major technological advancements...we got a sewer (previously everyone was forced to use septic tanks). So, to commemorate the event, every year we hold the Sewer Party (yes, I'm serious). Every August the entire town goes to one of the two bars in town (Montana has this thing about bars. Even if you have a post office, you're still not a town until a bar is built), and once there, everyone get's shit faced...and I mean everyone, and shit faced. Also, to top the night off, an out house is burned in the center of town (there still are some of those in town...in fact there's one in my back yard), While this is happening, the Sewer King, and Queen are paraded around on the back of a pickup. (the sewer royalty is corronated based on a vote casted upon thousands of toilet paper squares) (No, I'm not joking) The King has a scepter consisting of a roll of toilet paper on the end of a stick, and every year the Queen's crown is a major work of art (well, actually it's usally just a toilet seat with some frills attached, but we usually paint it too!). (for real, I'm not making this up)

Although I don't have aspirations to be voted King, I do appreciate the offers of ballot stuffing. And if you're ever in South West Montana in late August, you may want to check it out. It really is one hell of a party.