As a responsible Finn (no, really, it isn't a contradiction in terms) and, a host for our foreign guests (thanks guys, it was great to meet you!), I was obliged, compelled, and encouraged to acquaint the two with Finnish sauna.

With surprisingly few instructions and no paramedic calls or treatment for acute shock afterwards, Jeeves and Nikka (is that correctly written?) boldly went where they had not gone before: a sizzling hot (+70 degrees Celcius, okay so I turned the heat a bit lower than if I had went myself) wood-panelled room with a kind of an oven in one corner, filled with stones the size of a man's fist, and had their very first experience of one of the things Finns are so proud of.

What I was most surprised about, was that they actually seemed to like it (well okay, stating that it was quite an experience isn't exactly a praise but, hey, the previous time I introduced a foreigner to sauna, she came out crying).

Anyway, I must agree with the rest of the group - the meeting was a 101% success, and not the least because of Mother Nature so gently smiling upon us all day. More meetings to come? Count me in! :)