It turns out I'm just paranoid and the world is full of lovely people!

And lovely people love apples!

I'm eating raw cookie dough and wondering why the cafeteria never has healthy options for vegetarians...

Lovely people: One stopped by the house this morning to work on a paper. I was asleep and he wanted to leave a note for me but he forgot. Amy wonders if I feel squeamish talking to him on the phone... she smiles when we talk about him... it's that knowing smile of the matchmaker - does she want us to start dating? No way! Amber understands why I can’t be around him for more than a few hours. He loves me for some odd reason but he is so immature.

Another is downstairs working on homework. He continues to amaze and amuse me every day. I've never met a boy who cared so much about others. He's mean and witty but it’s all in jest. I want to be best friends with him forever. I want to lie next to him and talk for hours. This is not a sexual thing.

Another is partying for her suitemate's birthday tonight. I said I would go over but I think I might just stop by and use the oven. I do have a few papers to write and a few cookies to bake. However, I fear the tempting thought of Amber might keep me around past my bed time.

Thank you lovely people for brightening my day - you know who you are.

And I'm off to make some care packages for lovely noders. Do you want one too? I know you want my package! (What a joke!)