So I guess I didn't realize it was illegal to make mistakes.

It bothers me a little... I try laugh and not let things get to me but I feel a little bit like I’m being ganged up on here. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Amber says some people are just jerks sometimes.

So why do I bother to keep writing? I don't know. You tell me. I guess I just like to write so much that I'm willing to try again, and I love doing anything that isn't work.

When will you like me?

Amber says, "Let's go to this fun e2 gathering. We can meet fellow e2 people and pick apples! Fun!" I like apples, but I'm a little cautious that people will continue to bash my spelling (honestly I know spelling is my worst subject. Such a poor English major I make huh?) - And on my birthday! Yes October 12th is my birthday and I live 2 hours from the location of the Michigan gathering and Amber wants to come home with me for the weekend. I do like apples, but I'm not sure how much I like people. Amber says they'll flip out about it being my birthday. They'll be super nice and fun. This is what she tells me and I hope for the best.

I understand why the rooster song is gone. It holds little relevance to anyone other than the few people I know who get a kick out of it. I guess things I cherish are usually not that important to the random stranger, but now I'm so cautious. Am I just a waste of time and space?

Today I mailed more letters and care packages (would you like one too?) and wrote a paper about a time when I realized something important about who I am as a person. This assignment is completely asinine in my opinion. They want me to know who I am so I can be a better teacher. So... a five page essay about that moment when I realized I could be independent(what a joke) is going to help me teach little Johnny how to add? I guess so!

Wondering why I give bad first impressions.

Wondering why people think I'm out to get them.

Wondering why television sucks tonight.

Wondering why I can't seem to hang on to this vegetarian thing.

Wondering why there's nothing better to do.