Knowing I only had 5 hours to go, he told me to stay up for the full 24 hours. Why? No good reason really. I find myself asking "why?" all the time.

Why did we have such a great turn out tonight? (I work at a coffee house. Wally Pleasant came. Everyone loves his charm and sweet folksy style). Why did I watch that movie?? Blue Velvet. So intense. Makes my guts hurt.

Why did amber introduce me to yet ANOTHER site that will keep me up all night writing (who am I kidding? I love this stuff...)?

Most importantly, why am I so god damned lonely? All I can think about... now that I only have 2 hours and 40 minutes to go until I have been up for the full 24... for the first time in my life... that i can remember... All I can think about is how badly I want:

*arms around me (so cliche but you know the feeling. it's stable. it's comfortable. it's wonderful. you know it is).

*fingers tracing the lines in my corderoys

*toes gently brushing the side of my foot... which leads to feet firmly pressed upon each other playing a soothing game of "who wants who more... who's pushing whose foot harder..." but it's never rough... its too sexy to be rough.

They're giving up on me, and he says he wants to go to sleep. He kicked me out of his bed, even though it is quite definatly the most comfortable in the house (I've tried all five)... I only have two hours and 35 minutes to go, but after this first encounter with e2... after my best attempt to write how I truely feel with out limiting what I say and do not say... after this I'm going to sleep. I mean what really is the point in staying up?


I mean, I am wearing khaki colored string bikini undies under my light khaki corderoy pants and the undies have chocolate brown text sprawling over and over across the fabric that matches almost exactly the chocolate brown t-shirt i wear, and the text reads "I love sleeping" over and over and over.

How can I resist sleep any longer?

and how can they resist me so much?