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mission drive within everything
I am a latent writer that is seeking meaning in my life.
programming, role-playing
Life is only short if you're having fun.
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Semi-retired programmer at the ripe old age of three decades.

Born in 1971 as the youngest in a family that was soon to fall apart. Dad left while I was still an infant, and came back in a misguided attempt to heal his own psyche. He ended up abusing all of us until he was arrested in 1979.

My mom managed to get her four kids out of the court appointed foster homes and move us to a farm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California.

We were raised on AFDC on a small farm, where I herded goats and worked hard to get a scholarship to UCSB.

I graduated in 1993, then proceeded to get married and have a daughter in the same year.

I moved to the East Coast with my wife, Suzy, and I worked for seven years as a cubicle programmer. In that time I had two sons.

I am now resting on my nest egg, trying to find something more meaningful to do with my life, and realizing that I have a higher calling than to be a code monkey for some greedy corporation.

I am currently planning to move to New Mexico by Fall 2002.