Code name given to an Allied military operation during the Second World War, Market Garden took place in September of 1944. This operation involved a clear-cut plan to take bridges over the main rivers in the Netherlands (at that point occupied by German troops). These bridges, in essence, held the key to invading Nazi Germany without any other major obstacles. The beginnings of the operation were rosy, Allied forces met little resistance and despite early successes in capturing of strategic bridges, the Allies failed to hold a final bridge at Arnhem (city in the Netherlands located on the Rhine river) which lead to the destruction of the 1st British airborne division in the area. Overall, the operation was a failure (despite the fact that 95% of the objectives were accomplished), the Allies weren’t able to pin point the SS panzer corps that occupied Arnhem. The terrain that formed a “narrow corridor” leading up to Arnhem and the bad weather mixed with bad radio communications all lead to the failure of Market Garden, an operation that could have ended the war in Europe by Christmas of that year.